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Inspiration from the Extraordinary

When I was younger, life was too busy. We all just rode that super fast rollercoaster of life doing everything that must be done and must be done well – cooking, housekeeping, producing results at work, parenting, managing social life with family, extended family, neighbours & friends and entertaining one’s soul with stimulation. None of these were optional. And we all did it because we found both affirmation and inspiration in the process of performing these activities.

Now the activities have reduced. It seems like the breadth of life has shrunk. The activities that arise out of the responsibilities of natural life are fewer, less urgent and less critical and could easily be delayed for another day or another week without any catastrophic impact.

Also, now, the “I” in any of these projects matters less. Instead of me anyone else could do the same and the results may not be that different.

Maybe I am just wiser now than the younger me who used to think that I actually made a difference … or maybe I was actually making more of a difference then to my trivial little corner of the universe than I do now – but from where I stand it is impossible to discern between the two.

Be that as it may – but one still needs inspiration and a quickened heartbeat every now and then.

And now must be sourced from elsewhere.

Many find these in sunrises and sunsets and beauty of nature.

I need more. I need greatness. I need the extraordinary. I need to see the stretch beyond normal limits. Finding that last bit inside oneself to make it to the finishing line and then finding one last drop of energy .. I need to watch these sparks of fire in order to ignite my own soul.

And so I scan my environment to seek out such moments happening around me. And read about extraordinary lives. Like “Alexander – Child of a Dream”. And sometimes turn to the masterpieces of art created by nameless people – some that are  a part of my collection.

For instance 701 – a worn out Hazara shawl. In creating the astounding variety of motifs  in a single piece the artist has emptied out soul and extracted every last iota of her creative energy!

701 wm Hazara Shawl

Or in 1239 – the Yoruba Beaded Tunic for the priest. The putting together of those colours and motifs must have taken immeasurable creative effort from the maker – and my guess is that extracting such effort from oneself might only be possible in an act of devotion or worship.




And of course 999 – the masterpiece that is the work of a creative genius!



These productions of extraordinary human effort, the extreme levels of soul contributions set the tone of my mornings and fill the day with inspiration and a desire conceive and do greater things …and make my contribution to life extraordinary.


jaina mishra

Oct 2018


To get inspired by the genius of these nameless artists visit the masterpiece gallery on wovensouls.  [Login required]


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