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Textiles and more in the Kerta Gosa Museum – Bali

On my visit to the small museum in Kerta Gosa, Bali (2015) I did not expect to find any textiles. paintings yes – because that area is famous for paintings.

So it was good to be able to see a few pieces. The natural instinct to touch them and feel them could not be satisfied as these were behind glass …

Here are a few photos of the loom and the superbly woven pieces:


Note the beautiful wood work on the loom above!

The Paintings that Kamasan is famous for:

The other important exhibits include  the seats of the court of justice that were used in the mid 1900s:

And finally a manuscript on palm leaf – a letter written by one of the kings to another regarding the matter of defending against an eminent attack by the Dutch

If only history were taught to us through such artefacts, school children might look enjoy the lessons and even see them as being in the same category as harry Potter’s adventures!

What a happy world that would be!



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