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A Culture Celebrates Identity! Happy New Year!

I have grown up in Mumbai …. in a neighborhood that was made of up mainly Maharashtrian and Gujarati residents (us).

I learnt both language even before I knew what a language was.

And I grew up being exposed to the cultures and customs of both communities as we intermingled and lived happily in harmony.

YET, in those days, in the early 70s I did not see the cultural elements as clearly pronounced as I have seen them in the past few years.

People did not express pride in such wonderful ways in those days.

Today it is different.

Is it India’s prosperity that is making us shine today?

Or is it something else? We’ll leave that for social engineers to figure out.

But I am thrilled with the groups that have rediscovered pride in their Astitva and are shouting it out from their rooftops!

Here is a link to the dazzling Gudi Padwa New Year celebration by Maharastrians in Mumbai!  [Facebook account needed to view these]

Link to excellent captures by HK Shots


Finally the tables are starting to turn….


March 2017

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