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Shigmo Utsav Festival 2017 Goa

Connected to our roots through the amazing Shigmo folk festival parade in Panaji.

Proud of all the regular people participating so wholeheartedly in this parade

Proud of the absence of commercial-sponsors

Proud to see old men, women and children all integrated into this social festival.

The parade reflected the reality of this society in which there is no segregation between the segments of society in contrast with festivals are targeted towards one age or gender or economic group. This seamlessness of existence means that no one feels left out and everyone feels welcome. Sooo comforting!


Tying a turban

Waiting to begin


Hanumanji taking stock of the Law & Order situation

 A participant with a unique drum made out of a clay water pot

A senior citizen is the Flagbearer


One of many Tableaus or Floats depicting scenes from religious epics




One more reason to love Goa.





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