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The Mesmerising Qashqai Motif

Clans do things similarly.

Like make curry in a particular way, or wear their sari in a particular way. Or weave the central medallion in their rugs using one template.

Over time, distortions appear due to migration-led corruption of memory or just a shift in aesthetic preferences.

And though we see mutations, the original root still shines through.

Over the years the rugs that have attracted me the most have been Qashqai rugs – the motif that sits within their medallions literally speaks to me!

As I lie on my sofa on idle rest days, the million motifs on the blue rug stare at me and I stare right back. And the day passes. This little love story between a woman & a motif is a soothing, fulfilling one, brimming with never-ending delight!


The motif is not constant – almost every rug (except the workshop reproductions of older tribal ones) exhibits some variation in its motif.

Presenting below photos of some:

[where these are not mine {but I wish they were}, the details have been mentioned]


[this one was mine – sold many years ago]






The ones that follow are not mine ….


Offered at Sotheby’s in 1989

Christie's 1556, 2014

Christie’s 2014


Christie’s 2012

Sale 2667 Christie's

Christie’s 2007



2009 Sotheby's

sotheby’s 2009

sothebys 2009 copy.jpg

sotheby’s 2009

When I study these motifs it appears that the “elbows” of the crabs are angular in some while the others have well developed and curved elbow joints!

Maybe this variation appears across geography – a change that creeps in as the motif or meme is transmitted from one person to the next across the subtribes.

Or perhaps the variation appears over time – with the more recent generations executing the arms as simple angles rather than as the more-difficult-to-execute rounded arms.

But the ‘why’ is not important.

What matters is that it IS so … and that we are able to enjoy these beauties! THAT is all that matters! And so I spend hours blissfully basking in the beauty of these things!


UNTIL there comes an event like a flash of lightning – and changes everything – the feeling of bliss of indulgence is replaced by feelings of greed and horrible horrible lust ….




palpitations ….


am overwhelmed….




2014 sothebys

Sotheby’s 2014 [sold for US$17500]

Am struck … will need to go lie down!


If I were going to be stranded on a desert island and could only carry one thing with me, it would be THIS!  In my saner moments I have thought I should take along matchsticks and nailcutters and such utilitarian items. But then, no single object would be sufficent to enable me to survive on that island. So, instead, I might as well take along THIS beauty that will make those last few desert island days very very happy!  Of course there is the small matter that it does not belong to me ……………… SIGH!!!

Death by Beautylust yearning / greed – all seem very very likely!




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