Notes on Antique Textiles, Folk Art & Timeless Traditions – Jaina Mishra

Indonesian Archipelago Diaries

Traveling through active Volcanoes that spewed ash just 2 months ago!

Ancient Temples & Prehistoric Dragons, Coral reef snorkelling (and a few lectures) beckon!

The villages of Borobudur &  Prambanan in Java and the islands of Komodo, Lombok & Bali  beckon!

Fantastic travels fantastic experiences … All waiting to be noted down in this diary once I am reunited with my secretary -Agastya – the name I have given my MacbookPro.



1. Javanese Paternal Bonding Ritual

2. Lombok Art – for the Eyes & Ears

3. Celebrate the Sunrise

4. Prambanan Temples

5. Borobudur once again

6. Kiss of a Komodo Dragon

7. Lombok – a subtle experience

8. An afternoon with the Kamasan Master Artist

9. The unique Hindu culture of Bali

10. Jewels of Serendipity

11. Driving past smoking volcanoes

12. Side Effects of Religion

13. Bitten by the Cruise bug!

14. Textiles of the Archipelago

15. A visit to Mataram Museum, Lombok

16. A Cup of Unusual!

17. What’s in a Name

18. So far yet so close

19. Woven Leaves of Bali

20. Textiles in Ancient Balinese Kamasan Paintings

21. Memories of a Sublime Experience – Balinese Art @ Kerta Gosa




Dec 2015

15 comments on “Indonesian Archipelago Diaries

  1. Kristine Lawrence
    December 20, 2015

    Going back on the ships?

  2. wovensouls
    December 20, 2015

    Yes – back on Azamara Quest – Singapore to Bali. Inspired by your long voyages!

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  4. Kristine Lawrence
    December 20, 2015

    Keep posting of your travels! Looking forward to it!

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