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Museum of Food Art

In a lighter vein….


Art delights the senses.

Foods that I have enjoyed enough to reminesce about them….foods that I have spent time anticipating …foods that become the reason for planning a trip to a suburb – are nothing less than art. Each deserves its own pedestal in my conceptual museum of food art.

This form of art is unique – as it must be consumed soon after its creation and for the next person to delight in its beauty, a new batch must be created. And so, the artist must be present in order to deliver the art. So every item on this list contains a combination of food item + provider.

And here I have listed the nominees for this museum.

In the first list I have put down pieces of art that remain largely unknown and undiscovered. The second list contains delicacies that have been discovered long ago and were famous before I came along.


1. Prawn Curry at The Old Mango Tree in Candolim, Goa

2. Hazelnut Flan at Pali Village Cafe in Bandra, Mumbai

3. Goan Prawn Butter Garlic at O’Cuzneirho in Caranzalem, Goa

4. Ras Gulla at Banarasi on Khar West station road, Mumbai (freshest and most amazing at noon- several times I have eaten a whole dozen in 1 sitting)

5. Toasted Cheese Sandwich at Swastik in Santacruz West Market, Mumbai

6. Lassi out Dadar Station (Central), Mumbai

7. Mawa Cakes from Merwan Bakery, outside Grant Road Station (East), Mumbai


a. Pani Puri at Elco, Bandra, Mumbai ( 12 puris or 2 plates is a satisfying quantity)

b. Malai Kulfi with Rabri at Elco, Bandra Mumbai

And more to come as I think of all the food fun I have had in life!



Dec 31st 2011


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