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A Phulkari Fan from the Olden Days

Here’s another cultural remnant of the olden days in Punjab – A ceiling fan decorated with Phulkari work:

The rope is used to swing the fan and is held by the fanner – usually the wife – while the fannee rests on the charpai bed.

(This may seem like an offensive idea to feminists but there is a lot to be said in defense of the model in which roles and responsibilities are defined on the basis of gender & age – that works perfectly when everyone lives up to their responsibilities. I have lived both models wholeheartedly and enjoyed both equally (but more of that in a future note))

A close-up of the phulkari embroidery.

And a video of the workings of the fan (fashion police kindly forgive the blue jacket):

The simple life did have its charm!


Feb 2019

2 comments on “A Phulkari Fan from the Olden Days

  1. Peter Burleigh
    February 5, 2019

    Delightful! p


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