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2019 – New Year Inspirations

And so another fresh beginning … one more chance to rejuvenate one’s mind….

Because we simply cannot allow ourselves to stagnate.

If we are lucky the seeds of refreshing ideas will pop into our heads on their own and energise us. But most often these seeds must be sought out and seized and plucked out of the everyday events that quietly pass us in our daily lives. And so we must be watchful and alert….

Further, the onset of the next year may be celebrated with great gusto only if we have found fresh things to stir our souls and awaken excitement and zest for life.  Otherwise, why bother to celebrate this particular day that is just like any other in the calendar.


Here are the few things that have awakened some awe in me … and sparked plans and dreams ….


For an upcoming trip to Kyoto as I looked on Amazon to prepare myself, I couldn’t resist the story of this man who walked 2000 miles from one end of Japan to the other.


So inspiring ….

I am personally never going to do that … but the fact that someone did that awes me.


Then I had the good fortune of having all my 3 children (a complete misnomer for now they are adults) at home together. And I got an unexpected reward. As I listened to their excitement about their lives, their work subject, their pursuit of excellence, their dreams and their plans for contributing and changing the world – I felt in me a rekindling of my own spirit and my own ambitions. And I haven’t been sleeping well since, as my thoughts tumble all over themselves chaotically as I plan out my own calendar with enthusiasm and gusto.

Young people do have a use after all! 🙂


And so, instead of  concrete resolutions all I have to show for this new year are a few dreams that are fuelling my being ….and a few plans for some field studies to stimulate the mind and finally some outlines for the work that needs to be done to feel the sense of accomplishment.

And so with a song in my heart and  a spark in my soul, the year has begun.


Wishing you an inspired new year too!

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Jan 2019

2 comments on “2019 – New Year Inspirations

  1. Leonie Andrews
    January 4, 2019

    Have a wonderful time in Kyoto! If you haven’t been before I can recommend the Toji temple markets (a short walk from the Kyoto station). The antique markets are held on the 21st of each month.

  2. wovensouls
    January 4, 2019

    Thank you for the tips! I’ll be there in late Feb and will miss the antiques market (which is just as well as they’ll probably be too expensive!)

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