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Come Celebrate My Birthday on WOVENSOULS



It’s my birthday in August and

it is the time of year when I take stock of my life.


I review the events of the last 12 months

– the fun ones as well as the difficult moments –

and try to abstract the learnings from both.


More importantly I try and take stock of life – what point am I at,

what are my goals for the next twelve months,

what are the future projects I want to invest myself in,

what are the improvements I need to make in my life,

what difficult  life events can I foresee in the future and

what preps do I need to make for the challenges ahead.


This battery of soul-searching questions is applied to all aspects of life,

including wovensouls.


The biggest question that my birthdays

have brought to me in the recent years is:

“what am I going to do with all the cultural heirlooms

that I have gathered over the years!

how am I going to fulfill my responsibility to these heritage items

that I am the current custodian of”


And so in order to ensure that these pass on safely to people

who will love them and keep them safe for the next phase in

their eternal life I am hosting a grand birthday sale


On ALL the artworks* on wovensouls

a “Make-An-Offer”button has been added .


If you have been eyeing something for awhile and the price has been the barrier, please make me an offer.


If it is reasonable, I will accept it

and if that doesn’t work for me

I’ll send you the number that does.


The sale is on until August 12th – the day I begin my 54th year on earth!


Let’s hope that on this birthday, we can all celebrate –

you with the new acquisition and

me with the fulfillment of having discharged my responsibility to the heritage of the fragile culture of our lovely world.


Let’s Celebrate Life!





I'd love to hear your view on this. Please comment below:

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