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Wearing Art – Antique Himalayan Ceremonial Silver Belt

When everything the eye sees is artistic and pleasing, where art is an intrinsic part of every object, there must be undercurrents of joy constantly hitting the people… 

Maybe THAT is why Himalayan Buddhist cultures are so happy and fulfilled! 

Imagine wearing this 19th century belt as a part of a regular ceremonial outfit!

That would certainly make me as happy as my saris do!

Crafted with the luxury of time this one was made with immense love …. 

Compare with these other two from the same source to see the contrast in craftsmanship:


The difference is obvious and helps to train my eyes! 

Cannot wait to become slim enough to wear that amazing work of art! 


More photos soon on WOVENSOULS.COM

Antique Bhutan Silver Jewelry Belt

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