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Mountain Art – Large Ancient Himalayan Buddhas – 1

A short drive outside Barsoo Village which is a short drive away from Kargil which is a long drive away from the nearest Airport Leh, one can see and touch centuries-old Buddhist art that uses the mountain as a medium.

Named the Barsoo Chamba the villagers say it was made before the 10th century. 

Built in the area that is now almost completely muslim, Buddha stands tall – unworshipped and lonely visited only by the rare tourist or pilgrim. 

Ancient Buddhist Art Himalayan Buddga Rock Carving Ladakh

A little stream must be crossed to arrive at the sculpture. 

When we lamented the destruction of the Bamiyan Budha I had no idea that there are other similar sculptures in the region. 

In this strange world we live in, I found myself praying for this Buddha while the Buddhist conpanions prayed to him. 

More on two other ancient Himalayan Buddhas –  The Mulbeg Chamba and The Yarma Gombo   – to follow. 

May 2018

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