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Preview – Wovensouls @ The Arts House

WOVENSOULS HEIRLOOMS @ The Arts House, Nov 24th

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Wealth was once measured by objects that were rich in ‘soul’ i.e. the soul of the individual, the soul of the tribe and soul of the nation poured into the making of the object.
Since every one in the community made their own work of art for self-consumption, they poured in their hearts. Their talents, their creativity and their aesthetic preferences resulted in art that eventually became a signature of their cultural identity.
And so traditional artworks inherited by the families became the most prized possessions of the family.
Until recently.
In the past few decades the mantle of preserving antique traditional artworks has fallen upon museums and private collectors such as ourselves.
Come, view some of the spectacular heirloom pieces that wovensouls has had the good fortune of finding and collecting and doting on!
Come enjoy the visual feast.
And perhaps take home a piece or two?

Wovensouls Heirlooms – A Collector’s Exhibition & Sale
THE ARTS HOUSE, The Old Parliament, Singapore
November 24th, 2017; 10am – 8pm

Join the Guided Tour at 12 noon, 3pm and 6pm


Featured in the exhibition: Beaded Dayak baby Carriers from Borneo, Early-Mid 1900s

Wovensouls Antique Art Exhibition Sale Singapore 1


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