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How to Romance A Prince … A visual guide

‘How to romance a Prince’ – A visual guide for novices …

May be tried with princes both before and after tbey metamorphose from the frog stage. 

 just kidding 😊 sorry – feeling a bit dizzy from the crowd in there! Reminds me of the assistants recommended by Vatsyayana! 

A scene on a printed metal box showing a prince and princess on a date, along with several attendants who make the atmosphere pleasant…live musicians, fan bearers, peacock handlers and more..


I have used these tin boxes in my childhood but have never bought them as art or antiques but this one was virrestible! 

Will soon be on WOVENSOULS.COM 

June 2017

 #antique #box #tin #vintage #scene #romance #prince #courtship #oneofakind #art #gallery #drawing #creativity

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