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Houses & Homes

So many beautiful houses seen, so many stunning accents desired.

Some opulent – some frugal – some in ruins – but all with immense character.

And the more I look at them, the deeper the words of Rebecca Solnit strike ….

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“The house is the stage set for the drama we hope our lives will be or become. And it’s much easier to decorate the set than to control the drama or even find the right actors or even any actors at all. Thus the hankering for houses is often desire for a life, and the fervency with which we pursue them is the hope that everything will be all right, that we will be loved, that we will not be alone, that we will stop quarreling or needing to run away, that our lives will be measured, gracious, ordered, coherent, safe. Houses are vessels of desire, but so much of that desire is not for the
physical artifact itself.” Rebecca Solnit
May 2017

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