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Foretelling the Future in the Past – Astrological Calendars

In the past, the future seems to have been a very important idea and the ability to foretell it conferred immense powers on those who could make accurate predictions.

Beginning with the prediction of the movement of large bodies and predicting eclipses in large bodies – like the sun and the moon, the science that evolved went on to make fine tuned predictions about the sunshine of our lives – the comings and goings of lovers and loved ones.

As the science evolved, the powers grew until there came a time when the power attracted the ignorant greedy who paid no heed to the science within. And with their ignorant dissemination of false information, the science was reduced to a quasi science. In the usual course of evolution of a subject, new generations build on the shoulders of the old….. but over centuries nothing new was added to the science – both from reverence of the old order and from lack of it. And so today it stands firmly relegated to the realm of ‘mumbo jumbo’

But in the past, the subject of ‘the future’ was a very important mental engagement.

And as it always happens… all such engagements eventually resulted in artful works.

For, men and women are compelled by some force within to create beauty. For in that creation they are one with the universe. They are fuelled by Shrushti. And so art is produced. Producing no financial for the rest of the world. But immense soul value for the creator.

And so we have astrological calendars.

Amazing. Beautiful. Stunning. Gorgeous. Timeless Soul Consuming works of art.

Born in the quest for determining the future. Born in the past.

Presenting here in the next few posts, a series of astrological calendars from various cultures in Asia that have arrested my attention

  1. Palindon Calendars, Bali
  2. Palelitangan Calendars, Bali
  3. Janam Patri / Kundali Birth Charts, Nepal & India
  4. Astrological Charts, Myanmar Mandala Spirit Cloths
  5. Astrological Charts, Thailand
  6. Astrological Calendars, Batak Borneo
  7. Astrological Calendar, Mongolia
  8. Astrological Chart, Tibet

May 2017







2 comments on “Foretelling the Future in the Past – Astrological Calendars

  1. Andrea Stoeckel
    May 15, 2017

    The first Bali calendar post is a non working link

  2. wovensouls
    May 15, 2017

    The links will become active as I post all the notes over the next day or two – sorry about that!

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