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Flying over the Himalayas

This has got to be among the top 3 most overwhelming visions of my life the grand Himalayas from the air:

The other two? Skydiving in New Zealand & Snorkeling in Tioman. All 3 visions compete for top spot!

The only others that might compete (in the future) could be a night in the forest & a storm in the desert….


jm … feeling like denver’s annie …

from 2016

6 comments on “Flying over the Himalayas

  1. Kristine
    March 1, 2017

    Breathtaking! Having once lived in Aspen, Colorado, I have had my own “Annie” moments. And, while the Rockies may pale in comparison to the high Himalayas, the mountains never cease to fill up my senses.

  2. wovensouls
    March 1, 2017

    Hello Kristine – my dear co-traveler in this world that never ceases to delight! One day I shall visit the Rockies too… hope y’all are well!

  3. Kristine
    March 1, 2017

    Doing well, Jaina…still seeing the world and can never get enough of it!. Perhaps one day I can show you my beloved Rockies.

  4. wovensouls
    March 1, 2017

    I was just enjoying greece and malta through your eyes!

  5. Leonie Andrews
    March 1, 2017

    You had a brilliant day for your flight! I have flown over the Himalayas several times and it’s always magic (Except the last time when I had bad food poisoning and could barely muster the energy to look at Everest when we flew past!

  6. wovensouls
    March 1, 2017

    Yes Leonie – this was sometime last year – it IS always magic isn’t it?! The flights are all early morning but I shake myself up and stay awake – these sights cannot be missed! Sorry to hear you got sick! 😦

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