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A Seat for the Gods 

Furniture is so hard to photograph!!

And this piece was not even meant to be furniture!

It was the seat on a bullock cart. Not an ordinary seat for you and me. But a seat for a bullock cart from a temple.

Am guessing it was used in ceremonial procession – which are common in the villages of Maharashtra & around.

The wood is heavier than a much larger ironwood chair! What wood is it?

A glass top has been added to convert it into a coffee table and feet have been added to make it stable.

The following photo shows a brass plate with the name carved in and it mentions “devool” meaning temple in Marathi.


If only these pieces could speak and tell us the stories of their lives! Then we would learn how life changed and from having the honor of serving the gods, this beautiful piece came to be spot around which us mortals gather together for coffee…



Jan 2017


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