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Palace on the Ganga – Art in Architecture


Just pictures of a lovely place that has the atmosphere of serenity and quietude.

The opulence is in the atmosphere created – rather than in its fixtures.


14079772_10154422756534935_8262442049514156917_n 14095731_10154422756459935_2092504750885186264_n










Everything here is just right – just enough peace to allow deep contemplation – just enough stimulation from the flowing river to keep one from getting bored – just enough silence to remain undisturbed – just enough chirping from the birds at sunrise and sunset to make one aware of the passage of time – just enough openness to capture the vastness of the universe and just enough beauty in the sunrise to make one grateful to that universe …….

I could easily find moksh here!


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Sept 2016



3 comments on “Palace on the Ganga – Art in Architecture

  1. Pradip zaveri
    September 5, 2016

    Nice and informative article and pics

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  3. jessica jung
    November 7, 2016

    What a beautiful art work. Im a photographer myself and the beautiful scenes of Ganga you shooted make me feel close to the spot.I ll surely visit

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