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A Romance Unfolds through Art


A love story in an old Bracelet from Qajar Persia.

Miniature Paintings on Bone some Gold illuminated, others, copper illuminated!!!

Very pretty, very detailed paintings.

The story is told in four scenes one on each plate, with alternating abstract floral plates in between.

The scenes as per my interpretation
Scene 1: The meeting of lovers
Scene 2 The young man asking for the girl’s hand in marriage from the father [and probably rejected]
Scene 3 The young woman with either another man or her mother
Scene 4 The young lover with two other men … perhaps drowning their sorrows in wine and poetry!

Superb saturated colors and extremely fine work for the height of each is only 1 inch!

Unfortunately – the paint has chipped on several of the plates 😦

IMG_6992a3 IMG_6992


But still this is a treasure to behold!



Jan 2016


2 comments on “A Romance Unfolds through Art

  1. Kehkishan Aslam
    November 7, 2016

    This is a wonderful love it.

  2. kehkishan (@kehkashanbaloc1)
    November 7, 2016

    Amazing art work.. i would like to use it for my artist projects..thanks blogger

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