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Superb Colors on Antique Singaraja Textile – Available for Sale

When a place is introduced through somethings produced in that region, chances are that that association lasts for a long time.

When a dealer informed me that such and such piece came from Singaraja, it was the first time I heard of the place.

Singaraja – a place that literally means ‘Lion King’.

And this impressive little weaving is from Singaraja!

Soft from use, with all natural dyes the color palletteĀ  – especially the beautiful rust – is just stunning!

It is creations like this that are the claim to fame of a hitherto unknown place [it may be known to the world – but I remained ignorant until now!]

Antique Singaraja Shoulder Cloth

ATS-878 Antique Singaraja Shoulder Cloth 06.jpg

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Jan 2016


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