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Controversial Clever Lines


A very clever little work.

But this advice is certainly not appropriate for all.

There are many many situations in which I would give such advice to my children. And many in which I would give the opposite advice.

  1. If we belonged to countries with social security where one did not have to worry about feeding oneself with our own earnings and one were paid while unemployed – my advice would be  ‘sure go ahead follow your dreams’ and I’d encourage them to find themselves and pursue their passions!  Simply because the downside risk is not that high – they could still survive.
  2. In the absence of 1. if I personally had the financial net to continue to support them forever after should such venture of their soul be unsuccessful .. I would certainly encourage them to go after their dreams. If not, then well … let’s go out and find a proper occupation – for it is hard for men to find women who will support them financially all through their lives. This was indeed the way in many tribes and communities in India until a few decades ago … but the world is changing and urbanisation has ruined it all! 🙂
  3. If the talent was so brilliant that it shone through for everyone to see the risk involved in pursuing that path would be low then I would support the venture. Otherwise I’d nudge them not-so-gently to get a real occupation. And after that follow their dreams alongside. BUT too often the level of “talent” does not match the level of “passion” for a subject {be it art of sports)… what then? Again … let’s find a reasonable job to pay the bills.

For, contrary to what young people of any generation think, the parent’s responsibility is to prepare every child  for  ‘survival’ at the very least and then at least an average level of success in the long term!

Artistic success today or even in the days of Van Gogh depended largely on the marketing and the sponsors. The playing field has changed from the parlors of wealthy society ladies who sponsored artists to much bigger art marketing games in galleries involving auction houses and black money but essentially the artist is just one little pawn in the larger game.  And in that sentence lie many deep stories that cannot be told on the internet.

Controversial thoughts? Draconian?



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