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Art from another world – Kilims of Anatolia

As I look forward to finding new things to cover the walls and floors – textiles that I could “use” in rugged conditions – my eyes are stopping at kilims.

Old faded kilims from Turkey or Anatolia.

Naturally when one knows nothing about a category, besides the eyes and the soul, one must also consult the Gods.

So I sat in meditation this morning and asked Google God – who is my favorite. She always has the answers.

And I found a fantastic website that delighted me with just-enough information to keep me interested – not too deep – not too shallow – and has lots of pictures too as examples!

From the website:

There is a Middle-Eastern saying dating back to the XIV century that runs: “Everyone can pull his own kilim out of the water” A way of saying many things, but in the end one, for example we could interpret the saying as “Everyone can find their own submerged roots”, or “Everyone can recover their own lost identity” and also “Everyone can dig out their own truth from the unconscious”.

Enough to get my attention!

Click here to see the website

The doors to a new world have been opened  …… Cannot wait to explore this world – through art and through travel!


May 2015


The featured kilim is from the same website

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