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Book of the Month – April 2015

The last book I picked up – a world bestseller – did not hold my attention. I had to drop it half way.

My teachers used to say we must finish every book that we pick up. But I disagree. I think the onus of entertaining my mind lies with the book. I do not owe it anything. If by the time I get to half the book, it does not compel me to read on, I let it go. No point wasting the single most precious resource of my life – time – on a lost cause just for some principle that has not stood the test of my logic.

But the current book – The Last Mughal by William Dalrymple – is compensating me for the wasted time.

I never thought history could be ssssooo interesting.

In my little experience, William Dalrymple is one of the 4-5 authors that completely entertain the mind while painting a visual of some unvisitable point in time & space.

Am still reading it and looking forward to the reading moment every day!

book of the month

It is non-fiction but as much of a page-turner as a crime thriller!


April 2015

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