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Wealth of South Asia – Sun, Sea & Islands

Some phenomena, try as we might, cannot be conveyed in words.

They can only be experienced.

Try as I might I cannot convey the taste of Pani Puri with words. Or the feel of fire. Or how my voice sounds. Or the scent of the forest early in the morning.

The same applies to places.

There is no way to convey the the silent majesty of the towering Himalayas. Or the unbelieving colors of the ocean in the islands of Asia.

Halong Bay, Vietnam. With green waters dotted with inexplicable little islands…geologists probably have their theory. But local folklore attributes the origin to the descent of dragons – certainly a more engaging story than the ones geologists might have.

How our large ship circumnavigated these islands and reached the port is something to wonder about!

A few images of the beautiful beautiful bay in Vietnam.

Halong Bay[Nikon D3s, Nikon 14 – 24mm wide angle]


[The others below are iphone photos]

a IMG_8442s a IMG_8460s

IMG_8435s IMG_8443s IMG_8446s

This is the wealth of Asia. The sun shines throughout the year – the sea is inviting throughout the year and the islands beckon all year round. The greatest natural resource of South Asia is its location under the sun!


[Pro hi res images of Ha Bay & Vietnam will be available for digital downloads on shortly]


April 2015


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