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50 Shades of Blue

Not actually 50 … but many many shades of blue.

This post has nothing to do with culture or art.

But in my pursuit of these two aspects of life, as I traveled in South East Asia by ship, I could not help being enthralled by the ocean and its blue blues.

11139843_10153200200354935_996464502_n 11130407_10153200200609935_790077989_n 11117387_10153200200594935_1111492204_n 11099794_10153200200369935_794297899_n


The white blobs are jellyfish | Sihanoukville Cambodia


Koh Samui, Thailand


a IMG_8460s

Ha Long Bay | Vietnam


Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Langkawi | Malaysia

Langkawi | Malaysia


Phi Phi, Thailand


The dark patches are schools of fish!!!! Phi Phi | Thailand

1549482_10153048476384935_5990621067518784500_n 10408588_10153048475429935_7465180436549711283_n 10408634_10153048476164935_3367585370203084807_n 10945370_10153048476244935_66112922887391666_n 10947252_10153048475889935_8539136605161049159_n 10953385_10153048476344935_7525452266446335877_n

The colors are REAL!!

It is easy to see why no one says ‘sea blue’ to describe a color … simply because that would cover the whole blue spectrum!

I feel like I have stepped into a whole new world waiting to be explored!


April 2015

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