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Superfine Weft Warp Embroidery from Kohistan

Embroidery from the Kohistan people never fails to intrigue me.

Someday I want to watch them do it.

The Kohistani shawl has two separate layers that are stitched along one longitudinal edge and at the two other free corners. This layering offers warmth to the wearer as it is worn over the head and the two corners are held in the hand and over the front of the body. Superfine Weft Warp Embroidery from Kohistan

The thick black base cloth is embroidered beautifully in work that is so fine – that the embroidiery thread wraps around a weft and a warp in the course of creating a stitch.

This is the one of the two minor medallions that flank the larger central medallion.

antique kohistan embroidery textile02

The detail:

antique kohistan embroidery textile01

One of the many many field elements:

antique kohistan embroidery textile03

And detail that shows change of stitch direction – in some the weft is wrapped, in others the warp is wrapped!

antique kohistan embroidery textile04

How fine must their needles be! How sharp must their eyes be! How meticulous their minds must be to create something so fine so flawlessly!



March 2015

Superfine Weft Warp Embroidery from Kohistan

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