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Daily Art Fix – Chamba Rumaal with Ramayana Scenes – MET museum collection

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Screen shot of MET collection online. CLICK TO VIEW ORIGINAL WEBPAGE

18th Century Rumal with Scenes from the Ramayana

One comment on “Daily Art Fix – Chamba Rumaal with Ramayana Scenes – MET museum collection

  1. B.N. Aryan
    April 13, 2017

    A great and pioneering book was published in 1976 entitled Himachal Embroidery by Dr. S. Aryan which was later republished (entirely new format and much more revised and enlarged), Folk
    Embroidery of Western Himalaya in 2010 and the emphasis in both these great editions was that these unique rumals were embroidered all over the Hill state known as Himachal Pradesh. It is absolutely WRONG to call them Chamba Rumal. Rather they must be called Pahari Rumals or Himachal Rumals. And the rarest and finest collection, ca. 300 great Rumals are preserved in K.C. Aryan Museum in Gurgaon. In fact they were were systematically categorised, collected, promoted and brought into proper limelight by none other than Sri K.C. Aryan in early 1950s when nobody in the world was aware of their existence. Please correct. Thanks. B.N. Aryan, Director, K.C. ARyan HOME OF FOLK ART, Museum of Folk, Tribal and Neglected Art. Gurgaon.

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