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Textile Art of Myanmar – Weaving in SOHO

“SOHO” stands for Small Office, Home Office. It is a hybrid apartment for residential and commercial purposes and allows people to work and live in the same house.

Although popularised in mega cities in the recent times, the idea of Home Office is not new to the world.

Weavers have been working in SOHOs for centuries in Myanmar. Using the ground floor beneath their stilted homes as areas to set up their looms, this allows the family to conveniently weave as when when time allows.

In the large set ups, several members of the family can weave and chat simultaneously.

A few images of the Myanmar weaver’s SOHOs.

Handlooms of Myanmar Handlooms of Myanmar Handlooms of Myanmar Handlooms of Myanmar

The wooden ceiling is the floor of the home.

Handlooms of Myanmar Handlooms of Myanmar Handlooms of Myanmar

Handlooms of Myanmar

Perfect arrangement isn’t it?

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Feb 2015

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