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Myanmar Diaries


People say one must slow down as grows older. On the contrary, I think I must speed up. Simply because there is less than half my life left to experience it all.

And so I travel again.


Myanmar still very rustic, still un-commercialised, still untouched by the tidal wave of globalisation that threatens to flatten every culture into a homogeneity of obscurity – is a destination that remains attractive to me.

Yangon IMG_5414

My few days there acted only to whet the appetite and I hope that soon I will be able to go back to explore the various sub-cultures.

Until then, a few glimpses of a wonderful country.

1. The Luxury on a Cruise Ship – Cakes & Ale

2. The Generous Psyche of the people of Myanmar

3. Street Culture of Myanmar – a Photo Travelogue

4. Landscapes of Rural Myanmar

5. Textile Art of Myanmar – Weaving in SOHO

6. Amazing Invisible Warps in the Tribal Textiles of Myanmar!

7. The Auspicious Lion Dance of Myanmar – with one minor variation – it’s an Elephant Dance!

8. Earning Karma at Kyakhatwine Monastery in Bago, Myanmar

9. Myanmar Shwedagon Architecture

10. Tears in Taukkyan

 Enjoy the Myanmar Diaries!

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