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Old, Weary and Gorgeous!



These are words that I live by. These are words that this gorgeous lady that I photographed years ago also probably lived by:



The experiences & the memories collected can be seen in her face. “True wealth is that which can be worn on the face and seen in the eyes”

I was reminded of this old photo  as I looked at this stunning old worn out textile fragment that has recently been made  into a bag. The fraying threads, the fading colors, the missing mirrors all seem to contain in them stories of extensive usage. Who knows what dowry this textile was part of, who knows what joys and what life events this textile was witness to. Who knows what knocks led to the loss of mirrors and what repairs someone lovingly made…

Both, the beautiful old woman’s face and the beautiful textile – hold stories of experiences lived wholeheartedly. And perhaps it is these stories that make them all the more appealing!


IMAGES OF ATI-713 with rare diamond shaped mirrors from WOVENSOULS.COM. [CLICK TO VIEW]

I hope that if and when I am 80, just like the lady and the bag above, I will shine with pride at the fun had in the life that made me old –  and bask in the glow of memories created in becoming so worn out!


Nov 2014

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