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ANTIQUE TEXTILE NEWS: The Fabric of India Exhibition

It’s time to block the calendar dates and plan one more trip to London.

After tall – this exhibition will show the best of the collection of Victoria & Albert Museum:

“One of the greatest challenges we face for The Fabric of India is what to include and what to leave out.  At the V&A we are lucky, we have one of the finest collections of Indian Textiles (sadly few historic textiles have survived the humid climates found in India) and this exhibition grows out of the culmination of a career dedicated researching Indian Textiles.  ………

This of course means we are spoiled for choice and currently have enough objects on our list to fill Hyde Park, let alone the V&A.


Quantity and variety is a big part of the story of Indian textiles from early times until today.  Go to a sari bazar in India and your first impressions is of plethora, rainbows of colour, dazzling decorations and patterns layered upon patterns.  Even in these days of mechanical production you are unlikely to find two the same.  So we return to the museum with a challenge: How to tell this story or vastness in variety with only 200 objects?  How to communicate overwhelming quantity and variety without overwhelming our visitors?”

Looking forward to visiting!

A link to the Fabric of India exhibition page

I'd love to hear your view on this. Please comment below:

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