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Who needs Leisure?

Ask all the villagers lining the Goa highways -trying to sell their home-grown vegetables “wouldn’t you rather just go home and sleep or watch TV  o read a book instead of selling vegetables that would fetch you less than Rs. 300 (US$5) over 4-8 hours of selling.

The answer is an unequivocal NO.

Not everyone values leisure.

I don’t.

Nor do the people whose main asset is “Time”.

I (and perhaps all these villagers) would gladly exchange our time for some gainful occupation.

We SEEK activities that keeps us busy.

We shun days that have no remarkable activity to remember them by.

Yes I do enjoy counting the clouds float by as I lie on my couch with a book in Singapore. And I do enjoy listening to the breeze disturbing the leafy trees in my Goan village in my half-awake state in a reclining chair facing the forest.

But, as a result of the nothingness of my environment, I enjoy being occupied. And so I totally understand why these women wil stand there for hours hoping that customers will stop, discuss & argue about their produce and of course pay them a few rupees making it all financially worthwhile as while.


sept  2014

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