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Traditional Rajasthan Home – Patwaon ki Haveli – Jaisalmer

A place where the walls do not need art. Because the walls ARE art. The ceilings ARE art.

Was it such a bad thing that women did not step out of their homes? Such a home? I would voluntarily never step out! For I am sure that every day as my eyes opened surrounded by such beauty I would sigh and go back into a stupor, struck by the beauty, sighing and unable to think as the visuals flood my brain. No – I would not have the capacity to move out of such a home. Would I ‘want’ the freedom? Would I have any desire to do the same things that men did? Most likely not. I would pity them that they had to leave such a house every morning. I would not covet their lives at all. I would be a happy householder.

Images of  a trader’s house in Jaisalmer, A city that does not have an airport. A city that probably has no luxuries as we know them in the modern world. Yet it has THIS!! A home that was built not for a King or an emperor – but a home built for a ‘mere’ trader!!

cpTraditional-Rajasthan-House-Art-Jaisalmer16 Traditional-Rajasthan-House-Art-Jaisalmer15 Traditional-Rajasthan-House-Art-Jaisalmer14 Traditional-Rajasthan-House-Art-Jaisalmer13 Traditional-Rajasthan-House-Art-Jaisalmer12 Traditional-Rajasthan-House-Art-Jaisalmer11 Traditional-Rajasthan-House-Art-Jaisalmer10


With a home such as this, I would glad exchange my freedom and live & die as a blissful prisoner of art!



sept 2014

by Jaina Mishra

by wovensouls

2 comments on “Traditional Rajasthan Home – Patwaon ki Haveli – Jaisalmer

  1. dolerandsenses
    September 15, 2014

    beautiful pictures and the article does full justice to the content, enjoyed it.

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