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Dealing with Addiction

How does one do it? How does one wean oneself off?

How to stop obsessing? How to break free of the hypnotic spell?

How to stop wallowing in the semi-conscious trance ?

It is after-all such a pleasant fairy-tale like experience! So why bother to quit?

One reason is that there is a loss of control… I am no longer able to direct my mind!

The other is that – maybe other things in real life need attention?


What a beautiful occupation it is – this addiction to a work of art!

It is easy to lose oneself completely in simply beholding it and enjoying its view!

After all it has traveled across history and geography and is now honoring me by its presence in my life.

Am helpless. And am enjoying it. Am submitting to it.

Few things have brought me so much satisfaction and fulfillment as this piece has.

Might as well let the wallowing last as long as it will!

When I have recovered and am in a better state, I will write about the piece itself.

Until then I am lost!


May 8 2014




One comment on “Dealing with Addiction

  1. dolerandsenses
    May 13, 2014

    Reblogged this on Doler and Senses and commented:
    This is absolutely a most profound observation and the ability to verbalize ones feeling for a creation of art , ones wallowing in bliss by the effect it has on oneself, i truly agree and understand the emotions, almost envy your experience and want to partake in it.

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