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Extraordinary People – The Girl Next Door goes on a 100 km Walk!

She is literally the girl who lived next door!

About a decade younger than me, she has a spirit that needs to be congratulated and celebrated!

After all how many people do we know who continue their post-grad studies ALONG with two toddlers in tow?

And how many people do we know who push themselves into a 100km walk at the age of 40? or at ANY age!!

Here are her status updates from the time I got to hear of this 100km walk project – one that totally frightens me :


Less than 24 hours for my ‘big walk’ and I am both excited and apprehensive about it. A 100km non-stop seems like a long way to walk!!
For my family and friends around the world who want updates, here is the link that will provide live tracking tomorrow on the team’s progress.
Barring injuries, we hope to complete between 26 and 30 hours with the weather being the big unknown. The forecast is for a cold, wet and miserable day!
A big shout-out to my tolerant family who have patiently watched me disappear on training walks on so many weekends and have promised to wait for me at the finish line with coffee, ice packs and a blanket! Thank you, I couldn’t have done this without you.
Further live updates on FB tomorrow depending on connectivity and time…..


Here we go!!! I am so excited .


Checkpoint 1 reached. 11k down. Feeling good. The biggest time killer – queues for the ladies’!!
Checkpoint 2. We’ve done 22k of 100….these were the easiest though. Still smiling. The vibe us amazing and the volunteers have been awesome. And so far, the weather has been kind. Maybe the weather gods will keep smiling at us.
Checkpoint 3. We are 1/3 of the way and feeling pretty darn good. The support crew has been so good!! And now the mountains will test me.
Night clothes – check. Head torch – check. Ventolin – check. Walking sticks – check. Determination – super check. All right, mountains, here we come!
A quick thanks to friends and family for all the encouragement. It really helps!!


There is something rather remarkable about the sight of a phalanx of walkers walking in the dark on treacherous hilly track, each one’s headlight bobbing up and down…. With city lights twinkling in the distance far beneath. I wonder what the wildlife is thinking… Here come the crazies again?


Just over 11 hours and 43 kms…. It’s cold, my breath is fogging but we are still warm, dry and cheerful
Halfway!! Woop, woop!!!!
Finally at CP5 at 58k. We’ve been walking for 16 hours now. Been drizzling for the last hour. The work of the volunteers is humbling. Hurting now but I am not yet questioning my decision to sign up!! This is already the longest walk of my life.
Next point. 70k in. The drizzle has not let up and fatigue is really setting in. But we are no longer talking of “can we finish…”? The conversation now is “when can we finish….”!!


Delays due to injuries in the team but back on the track now. A beautiful morning after the wet night. Oh, I am longing for a shower and some shut-eye.


We have only 7k left to go!! At the final checkpoint with 93k behind us. I am a bundle of aches, wrapped in pain, with a core of soreness and tied up with agony. One big walking OUCH! Plan – go slowly, take your time BUT GET THEE TO THAT FINISH LINE!
Starting our final 7k!! Good thing there are no kids around ….I expect a lot of swearing

SHINE ON MANISHA – and keep inspiring everyone around you!!





May 3, 2014

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