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Forthcoming Articles….

A poem*  said  ‘Time forever in debt of Plans’….

This is a phase of my life when I am complaining that about the shortage of time. Usually I complain that I have not enough to occupy my mind!

The moving unforgettable experiences that are waiting to be written and shared:

1. Ganesh Visarjan on Chowpatty, Mumbai – the ultimate experience of ‘crowds’

2. Living with the culturally unique Aryan Dard ethnic group [numbering only 5000 max]

3. Driving along the Indus river valley.

Soon I will select and edit the pictures and write. Soon. Before I forget the little things. Before my clock runs out of time!


Oct 2013

* Full Poem


 I know that as and when I age,

My face will creased with wrinkles be,

My wish is that each line be soft,

Formed by humor, smile or sympathy.


I know it’s tough, and chances slim,

That one is blessed to age with grace,

For in this noisy world of din,

There’s neither quiet, time nor the space.


As though life a downhill tumble were,

Events into problems snowballing,

And the speed of life – astir,

Like a river’s current, prevented meandering.


And was in routine each one trapped,

With time forever in debt of plans,

And each one slave of events held,

With no new moment ever own.


But I must hasten, lest my face,

Get creased with lines of irony,

And break this vicious chain of thought,

To bring back sweetness, harmony.


For if I wish to age with grace,

And paint my face with lines of glee,

I must learn to thrive in spite,

Of spite and speed and tragedy!


(Written on 16 September 1989, on a State Transport Bus)

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