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Two additional photography award nominations!

This morning I heard that I was selected as a nominee for more photography awards!

“Dear JAINA,

CONGRATULATIONS on being a Nominee at the 6th Annual Photography Masters Cup with:

Nominee in Silhouette | Shadows of the Silk Route
Nominee in People | Waiting for Extinction

8,521 entries were received from 86 countries and your work received a high percentage of votes overall. Certainly an achievement, well done!

The Awards Jury represents the industry’s biggest names and tastemakers who reviewed the entries online before making the nomination shortlist and honoring 239 title awards in 18 categories. The Awards could not have wished for a better group of professionals to work with.

Congratulations once again on being a Nominee and we wish you a most successful photography year.

Best regards,
Basil O’Brien
Creative Director”

The photographs may be seen here and here.

Am grateful for the appreciation that comes only 3 years of having taught myself photography!!


Feb 2013

MY PHOTOGRAPHY MAY BE VIEWED AT . Please write to me for the password if you would like to view the complete gallery of cultural images.



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