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Textile Artwork Curated for Esplanade Theatre, Singapore

Esplanade Theatre, Singapore has commissioned
Jaina Mishra
to curate a a series of Tribal Textile Artworks.

These will be on display
from Nov 23 – Dec 2, 2012
on the main facades of the hallway, the cones above the tunnel and the Library at the Esplanade

Textile Art Installation #1

“Mirrors of Identity”

Tow large pieces of 6 m x 2 m commissioned for the Theatre Festival 'Kala Utsavam'

Tow large pieces of 6 m x 2 m commissioned for the Theatre Festival 'Kala Utsavam'

The two large panels, each measuring
6m x 2m
have been created using
Vintage ‘Dhaniyo’ traditional textiles
of the Yaduvanshi Ahir tribe from Kutch.

It is estimated that this artwork required 720 man-days (of 8 dedicated hours each) to embroider, 70 man-days to hunt out 12 matching pieces from over 25 villages in Kutch and 30 man-days for assembly – altogether an effort of 820 man-days.

Textile Art Installation #2

B1 B3

Three large lanterns, each of a different color of celebration have been created
using Bandhani tie-dye saris from Rajasthan. Each lantern is made up of 12 saris.

Installation # 3


7 traditionally woven saris decorate the National Library @ the Esplanade

Photos of the artworks will be put up in December.

Esplanade Theatre, Singapore

*click here to view the Esplanade Website


oct 30, 2012

ADDENDUM: In 2015, we curated another textile artwork for Esplanade.  Photos of that coming soon.

I'd love to hear your view on this. Please comment below:

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