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Turban Art – the Crowning Glory of Indian Men

Turbans serve many uses for Indian men. They provide relief from the sun and a touch of color to the simple male costume. The loose ends are used as handkerchiefs, masks and often as handfans – much needed accessories in the Indian heat & dust.

But until recently I did not know that the way in which a turban is tied also communicates the profession of the wearer.This fact I discovered at a museum in Udaipur on a recent trip.

A little photo essay follows. The pictures from the Bagaur Haveli musueum  are of turbans displayed behind glass and do not do justice to the objects.

Preceding those are images of men from Rajasthan – looking very fashionable and carrying off their magnificent colorful  headdresses with perfect ease.

Read the captions relating to the professions associated with the tie.

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June 2012

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