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Mastering the Mind and Body – Monk Warriors of Xiaolin (Shaolin) – a photoessay

Xiaolin or Shaolin. China. Popularised in the film “36 Chambers of Shaolin” (1978)

When I woke up yesterday, I had no idea that the day would hold unforgettable encounters with unforgettable people. People that I will never meet again, but will stay with me forever.

Earlier in life, I would recognise the significance of such encounters with such unique and impressive spirits, only after the transient meetings, only long after they were gone, lost and untraceable in the 5 billion. But over the years I have learnt to recognise these spectacular spirits, while I am in their presence. And then use that knowledge to seize the moment and extract as much as is possible out of that encounter.

And that is how it was when I came across these masters from Xiaolin, Henan, China.

I am fortunate. And grateful to destiny or gods of probability , that gave me the chance to witness these remarkable spirits, who had pushed their personal limits in pursuit of excellence.

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May 2011



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