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Viva San Jao

24th June 2011

A second visit to the wonderful non-touristy festival in Goa!

For the local people and by the local people.

Vibrant colors, Vibrant music, Vibrant boat decor and Vibrant Goans! All gathered at Siolim to drink and sing and celebrate San Jao festival.

Wading through ankle deep muddy slush – something I haven’t done since childhood, something that I had forgotten the pleasures of – was a part of the deal as the celebrations are held in a field on the banks of a river tributary.

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A larger set of pro images is available here   under “Festivals’


july 2011

an older post from last year

The feast of St. John the Baptist is celebrated with unspoilt ethnic Goan flavor on the 24th of June every year.

Young men and boys of the village go as a group from home to home, asking to jump into the well on the property amidst cheering and gaiety. The reward for the group is usually a bottle of freshly distilled ‘Feni’ a fermented drink made from recently harvested cashews.

The following photos were taken in Siolim village.

Revellers make and wear a crown of flowers on their head and enthusiastic men climb up the cross to place their crown on the cross.

Boats are decorated and brought in along the rivulet. Rain is inevitable on this day, as the monsoons have already set in, but this does not dampen the spirit of the Goans.


July 2010

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