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Breathtaking Mural Paintings of Sikkim Monasteries

The images need no supporting words…

Just a small preface …all images were taken inside a large hall lit only by a few butter lamps. I have not used a flash, and therefore some colors look ‘hotter’ than they actually are.

The last few paintings – the 9 chakras were paintings on the ceiling of the 9 central sections of the monastery prayer hall.

Another interesting element is the ‘raised’ painting – adding a third dimension. Certain elements such as wrist jewelry have been given a 3-D highlight ….but it is easy to miss these highlights unless viewed with your cheeks pressed to the wall!

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As I wandered through the many halls of the various monasteries, awestruck by the beauty, I felt the need to possess it all arise within me. This got stronger and stronger over the first two days.Then as I began interacting with the lamas, observing and understandign a little about their lives, slowly the realisation dawned upon me that I was doing exactly the opposite of the ideology they were practicing. I was fanning my greed while they were strengthening their contentment by indulging in very little.

The thoughts about their lives, especially the lives of the little lamas, influenced my thinking and the need to possess and own and consume all the beauty in the world left me….

I hope that that change is permanent!

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March 2011

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