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Textile Art Photography

Today an idea descended upon me as I walked by the water…..

A project that converges the twin streams of traditional textiles and photography….

I have with me a gorgeous collection of woven textiles – saris and shawls and tribal costumes and ethnic textiles and rugs  from several Asian locations. Each area has a unique style, unique motifs, unique tribal signatures. The colors, the structures, the form all come together to form a category of traditional art that is as unique as it is stunning.

And I now have a passion for photography that entertains and challenges me for 12 hours every day!

So the new project idea that came to me today….. is to photograph the soul of textiles…..and thus create art images…..

This could be approached from two angles – either enter thru the textile route and use photography to document textile motifs etc and make it an academic exercise;  or enter through the photography route and use these beautiful textiles as incomparable art photography subjects.

The choice is obvious……

I am no academician nor do I have the noble objectives of creating knowledge wealth  for the future generations nor do I have any financial ambition left in me, to create a commercial enterprise out of this idea.

I am here, to flow wherever my interest takes me, expending my energy as I go, allowing my passions for these areas to consume me. And if in doing so I create anything of value – it would be a by-product – a tangible output that came out of the happy pursuit of nothing but self-fulfillment – a tangible by-product of this love for textiles and photography.

And if this does materialise I will consider it an achievement that is worthy enough to be bragged  about to my future grandchildren!



Oct 6th, 2010

and here is a beginning …the first sari…

more will follow on


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