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Lives of Others – Only 4 at a Funeral

This morning, as I went to pay some bills, I sat in a rickshaw watching the world outside. At a crowded road in santacruz, I noticed a hearse that barely was a hearse. It had exactly 4 people accompanying the dead, with a son or nephew leading the procession. I couldn’t believe that there were so few people accompanying the grievers – especially ina country of 1 billion, ina country that really believes in family and community ties, having only 4 for a funeral was a 100 too few.

I cannot imagine what this person must have been to have been so alone that only a lone son or nephew – who carried not even the regular diya or dhoop – but some make-shift arrangement of candles was present besides the pall bearers who helped the cart along. Were the pall bearers even related to the dead or were they just helping an unknown ?

This is a land, a city where everyone knows everyone. Where neighbours and train mates know each others lives in detail. And only 4 ? It is hard to believe.

But this man or woman was lucky to have 4. Who knows where I might die, whether I might have any of my children near me to dispose of my body. Whether I will have the arms of the people I love carrying me on my last journey. Who knows how life will go. Lets wait and watch.

December 2009

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