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Battling in the river waves, struggling to stay afloat, suspending all thought, emptied of all emotion, being physically overwhelmed by the muddy monsoon rapids, with the consciousness registering just the engulfing water -in that  precise moment I was sucked in by the raw magnetism of nature. Up until now – for 4.5 decades I have barely noticed nature. And now after that experience, I want to be immersed in it and want to live the raw life.

It is not the beauty that attracts me. It is the ruggedness and the difficulty of life, in living immersed, one with the earth and the water that is pulling me in.

Watched settled villagers in the foothills living happily ever after, with very little. Watched (what I see as) their struggle and felt the burning need to live that life. At least for a while until I can survive.

Was exposed to the physically demanding  life of nomadic Tibetans of the Kham region – absolute hardship – almost animal like simplistic existence. Want to live that ruggedness of the Himalayan terrain.

Do I have the capabiity? Do I have the freedoms?

Am prepared for that journey to the Himalayas to be the last one I will ever make – as they did in ancient India…’Vaanprasth’ they called it…

Will this thought die in its first flush or will it bloom into an executable plan?

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One comment on “Magnetised

  1. Julian
    July 2, 2010

    Nepal certainly has a charm about it that makes all of us consider the Vaanprasth life every now and again. Sounds like you guys really enjoyed the rafting! I’ll stay tuned.

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