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Astitva Project – New Beginnings – May 2018

For those who have provided encouragement and support and are following the story – here are some photos that just came in today.

The loom is being constructed by the teacher and some students using local wood that has been cut and chopped and shaped by them.

After the basic structure is set up, the supports for the threads are put in place and then tested.

“It comes by doing”. So they are all doing this together!

Seeing these photos this morning made me sooo happy!

Progress is always heartwarming and fulfilling!

Will report more as we move ahead.

And we will move ahead – one step at a time.

With nervousness. With question marks. With the humility of not knowing. With gratitude for all the support. With awe that it is all coming together and actually happening.

Am happy!


Jaina Mishra

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