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Jan 2017 Update – The ASTITVA Project – Rescuing Textile Traditions


The work has begun and the preliminary details are as follows:

1. Structure of the Project

Number of Villages: 4

Number of Teachers: 1 per Village

Number of Students: Max 4 per Village

Only married women were invited to join the program. This ensured continuity as younger unmarried women are likely to move to other places either for studies or on account of marriage.

The lessons would be conducted in the home of the teacher.


2. Goal of Phase 1:

Teachers to teach the students the basic embroidery stitched on a Sampler
Teachers to work with the students to create 1 embroidered garment per student


3. Resources Provided

-Salary to Teachers for 2 months of classes
-Attendance Incentive for Students to attend learning sessions
-Materials – basic cloth & thread

Motivational talks were held at the start of the program by respected members of their community to explain the goal of strengthening their sense of identity through the teaching and learning of textile traditions that are a signature of their community.

A community level contest for the end-product was announced to kindle motivated engagement and result in excellence in the final output.


4. Results of Phase 1

Completion of project and detailed report expected in Spring / Summer 2017


Continued from: The ASTITVA Project – Rescuing Textile Traditions



Jaina Mishra



One comment on “Jan 2017 Update – The ASTITVA Project – Rescuing Textile Traditions

  1. Leonie Andrews
    March 11, 2017

    Looking forward to hearing how this goes.

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