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Return to Ladakh

There is a ‘magnetic’ mountain on the road between Leh and Alchi. The magnetism is strong enough to pull parked cars upwards.

It is probably this magnetism that took me back to the Himalayan region of Ladakh in March 2013.


Through my travels up until now, I have concluded that the sweetest, nicest, warmest people in the world are the Buddhists living in the heart of the Himalayas : Tibet, Sikkim & Ladakh. (I have not been to Bhutan but have heard similar things about Bhutanese).


On this trip I had the good fortune to live with a wonderful Ladakhi family whose hospitality and warmth touched me to the core and left me in tears when I left.



Two Dard families (people of Aryan descent) also welcomed me into their hearts and their homes and hopefully this year that friendship will grow.



And finally I worked on the Blue Veil Project!


I used to think that there is not enough time in one lifetime to re-visit any single place as there are too many places that need to be seen and experienced. But Ladakh is proving me wrong.  I hope to succumb to the attraction of the magnetic mountain again in 2013. And again. And again.


Detailed  accounts of my recent experiences to be shared over the next few weeks.

The fantastic experiences of my first trip to Leh, Nubra, Hunder, Nyoma & Puga in 2011  are available here.


March 2013


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