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Folk Dances of Rajasthan

No words.

Just videos that I have taken on my phone camera at the Bagaur Haveli in Udaipur.

1. A folk musician plays a traditional instrument called the Raavanhatta :

2. A skillful puppet show with the puppets carrying fire torches

3. Young girls carrying pots of fire on their head as they dance gracefully

4. A folk dance with veiled women. Veils are a necessary element of the Rajasthani traditional dress especially when a woman appears before her husband. She may relax this rule before other men, but before her husband she is always veiled. Even when they progress in life and are promoted to the status of mothers and grandmothers, this custom remains with them.

5. A woman carrying several pots on her head as she dances. In part 2 she dances on a metal plate and in part 3 she dances on bits of glass!

6.Manjira folk Dances

The dancers use manjiras or small cymbals to create musical notes as they dance. Usually the two parts of a pair are tied to each other with a and one is held in each hand and clapped together to create a sound. In this case one set is tied to an elbow or a knee and the other is hit on it to create the sound. Each woman has several pairs that she uses skillfully to create music as she dances.

7. Manganiyars are an ethnic group of folk singers. People confuse the name ‘manganiyars’ to mean the name of the group or band that performs internationally. This is a whole community of people that sings for their livelihood.


Hi resolution images of these dances available on

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April 2012

p.s. Ticket price for the entire show = US$ 2  !!

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